Practical & Profitable Interaction

Public relations consultant, copywriter and marketer Alan Page, near Buxton in Derbyshire's Peak District, has raised profiles internationally, across the UK and nearer to home ...

Providing mechanisms for practical, profitable interaction with your many publics: that's what I do. So, who am I? Hailing from Newcastle upon Tyne (a 'Geordie'), I was compiling a school newspaper at 10 years of age, creating stories by interviewing a variety of locals and captains of ships docked in the River Tyne. Still at school, I won a national competition for creative writing and contributed all manner of material to a popular monthly magazine. Going forward, I was an undergraduate intern in London’s Fleet Street, working on the lively business desk of a national daily newspaper. That was a terrific learning experience.

The Early Years
An English language scholar, after a flirtation with teaching I became a freelance journalist and copywriter. Ability to apply well-versed writing across the editorial and advertising divide is regarded as a rarity. I covered business and sport for the press and broadcast media. Words for TV, radio and press adverts were crafted on behalf of big-name, national accounts. Prior to starting my long agency career, I had a stint as a marketing director.

PR Management
I had always wanted to work in public relations and my PR management dates back to the mid-1970s. I brought together a talented young PR and advertising consultancy crew in the north-east, catering for clients in chemicals, construction, electronics, regional development and sport. Six years later I moved to Hertfordshire, where I ran the busy PR department at a leading business-to-business marketing services agency, soon becoming a director and adding the London corporate communications subsidiary to my management remit.

Market Leaders
Next, I co-founded an international advertising, marketing and public relations group, headquartered in the Isle of Man and with production studios close to Windsor Castle, Berkshire. As chairman and chief executive, I led upwards of 20 skilled staff, specialising in satisfying demands from the marine industry, engineering, electronics, financial services and leisure. Market-leading multinationals were prominent in our impressive client portfolio. After 19 years in charge, I took early retirement.

Missing The Buzz
Missing the buzz and itching to return to action, I re-emerged as an independent PR consultant, business writer and marketing contributor, trading as Alan Page Media Matters. I became (selectively) busy all over again.

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